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What is the need of developmental editing in the growth of organisation?

The editors of today are usually the copy editors. But it is a fact that they are not the first step in the entire process of publication. It is also not considered to be the second or the last process. The correction of grammar, punctuation and the spelling is what actually matters in editing.

What is developmental editing?

The substantial editing of the company dealt with the structure of the organisation, of even the plotting and pacing and also the characterisation of the voice and the tone. The developmental editing is all about the specific suggestions about the core intentions. The underlying premise or the story or the character development is a part of the this editing work. The only thing that these editors do not do is to correct the spelling and grammar.

In the process of publication the copy editor hasto do that job. The author can get hold of development editor even before starting the book. They do this to brainstorm ideas and also to make a clear plan. Then they can call upon the editor any time from the start to the finish.

The developmental editing has many advantages like:

  • It helps to refine what you actually want to say.
  • The editors can save you from the worst of the writing weaknesses.
  • The editing is done to instil the narrative and focus its impact.
  • The editors help to trim the text as and where required.
  • The characterisation is enhanced and the plotting is tightened.
  • Theeditors will also help you to pace your story.
  • The best thing is that you get the best friend and mentor along the way to writing.

The professional editors will refine the work to an essential excellence. They have the skill to add flavour to the work.

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