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VITEEE vs JEE Mains: Is VITEEE tougher than JEE Mains?

VITEEE vs JEE Mains: This classic comparison is age-old and never loses its luster. Of course, the comparison is done on various factors like level of exam difficulty wise, or institutions they make you eligible for, or the paper pattern and so on. To get you started, we’d just like to state the major difference being that VITEEE is an institution level exam while JEE mains is a national level exam. Magnitude wise JEE mains has far more reach than VITEEE of course. But it really comes down to what your priorities are. What kind of college you expect and what branch in it. We would like to point out here that both exams require commitment and hard work, no matter what the difficulty levels are. Sure, some are more in reach when compared to others but the preparation you do must be through and through whether it is JEE mains or VITEEE. Now, how about we dive right into the details of VITEEE vs JEE Mains:

Index for VITEEE vs JEE Mains :

1 The magnitude of the exam
2 Paper pattern
3 Exam specifics
4 Exam centres and exam mode
5 Difficulty level and study material
6 Colleges through VITEEE vs JEE Mains
7 Competition

VITEEE vs JEE Mains:

  1. The magnitude of the exam-

JEE Mains is conducted by CBSE every year. About 13-16 lakhs aspirants appear every year in hopes of making it to one of the national and central top ranked institutes of India. JEE Mains is national access to most of the central and state colleges. Of course, most private institutes also consider the percentile and AIR you achieve in JEE Mains.

VITEEE exam, that is announced to happen in April 2019, is generally registered by about 3-4 lakh students every year. That’s practically the largest amount of registrations a private institution encounters. The exam gives admission to various engineering and architectural courses in VIT institutes that are situated in Amravati, Bhopal, Vellore, and Chennai.

  1. Paper pattern-

Another important point in our listicle of VITEEE vs JEE Mains is their paper pattern. JEE Mains has actually two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is for aspirants of core engineering courses. This paper consists of 3 sections- Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. You need to score a certain percentile in each subject to go further in JEE Advanced. Paper 2 is for B. arch or for aspirants intending to pursue architectural courses. This exam has an additional Drawing subject in addition to mathematics and Aptitude test. In both papers, marks allocation to each subject is 40 per section. There is 4 marks for every correct answer a a negative marking of 1 mark per wrong answer. So there’s 120 questions in each of these papers. Scores and cut-offs are displayed by JoSAA right after showing answer sheets to the JEE Mains exam.

VITEEE exam is a single test that consists of 125 questions. The exam lasts for two and a half hours with 1 mark for each correct answer and no negative marking for wrong answers. That is a relief, isn’t it? Along with Physics, Chemistry and Maths, an additional subject that only VITEEE has is English. That’s where people can recover marks. Also, the percentile is not subject based as opposed to JEE Mains. That means if you lack in one subject you have a scope of recovering in another.

  1. Exam specifics:

JEE Mains happens twice a year and a student gets two attempts at cracking the exam. One in January and the other in April. Remember earlier how if you don’t fair well in one exam you had to wait an entire year fora break. Well, now you get another chance within the same year. So that even if you don’t fair well in your first exam, you still have the second attempt to go.

VITEEE exam happens once a year. It is an exam that lasts for two and a half hours.

  1. Exam centres and exam mode:

Exam centres for JEE Mains are all over the country. There are about 258 centres as of 2019. When you choose a centre, you can also decide the language you want to write your exam in. This is when you are doing your registration for the exam. No calculators or electronic device is allowed inside the exam centre. The exam is in two modes- paper 1 is only in computer based test while paper 2’s drawing section can only be done in pen and paper mode. Candidates must carry a valid ID proof along with the admit card to their exam centre.

For VITEEE exam, there are about 128 exam centres all over India. The mode of exam is only online. Just like JEE Mains, VITEEE also needs candidates to not carry any electronic device. That means no calculators or phones or even watches. Candidates must carry their own valid ID proof along with their admit cards.

  1. Difficulty level and study material

Difficulty level of JEE Mains is any day much harder than VITEEE. The main difference is the level of complex thinking they require. While one can easily prepare for VITEEE exam from only NCERT books, JEE Mains require going above and beyond 12th textbooks. You must have easily heard of HC Verma, Irodov and such amazing books that are used in JEE Mains preparation.

  1. Colleges through VITEEE vs JEE Mains

There are many colleges you can get through both these exams. Let’s see what all colleges you can get through each of them:

JEE Mains offers admissions to a variety of courses across the country. The participating institutes that are all under JoSAA give admissions into 97 institutes (IITs, NITs, IIITs and other GFTIs) with a total of 36,208 seats available. Apart from this, there are several private institutes that give admissions to their various courses based on JEE Mains score and AIR.

VITEEE, as it is an institution level test only gives admission to Vellore Institute of technology across its centres located in Amravati, Chennai, Vellore and Bhopal. There are several B. Tech and B. arch courses that one can apply to through this exam.

  1. Competition

VITEEE vs JEE mains: Since JEE Mains is the gateway to some of the most prestigious colleges of India, it is not only tougher than VITEEE, and it also gets the highest number of applications. Every year about 15 lakh students register for JEE Mains. Of course, not all of these make it to their final goals. In fact, less than a percent makes it to the IITs. That is why in the past few years we have a lot of new IITs opening up.

VITEEE – Since this is a university level exam, the number of applicants every year is obviously lesser than that of JEE Mains. Every year about 3 lakhs students appear for VITEEE exam.

With that, we wrap our clear bifurcation of points on the topic of VITEEE vs JEE Mains. We would like to add here that there is no right or wrong exam for you. There is but the exam that suits your path and abilities. Do not let anything external pressure you into taking any of these exams. The only voice you should hear is your own. All the very best!

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