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Top 10 trending subjects to write about

If you are at a loss on topics that you can write about in your research or student paper, look no further. The professional services offered by Unemployed Professors are all you need for an excellent submission. That notwithstanding, we have compiled a list for you with juicy trending subjects from around the world that you can write about by yourself and a few pointers to help you while you are at that.

  • The ballooning world population

It is a well-known fact that the world is facing a huge population problem. The world, according to research, has enough resources to only support about 4 billion people. By estimate, the world is well over that, at a staggering 9 billion and growing. This number is expected to reach 10billion before the turn of the decade. In this essay you can explore areas such as the causes of the high population growth, methods that can be used to contain the rapid growth and effects of unchecked population growth.

Factors that have contributed to high population growth

The fast growth in population can be attributed to a variety of reason.

  • Especially in third-world countries, lack of available family planning methods due to poverty or poor government policies to ensure the provision of these methods.
  • Increased life expectancy due to improved health care has also increased world population.
  • Religious beliefs such as the Catholic’s church obstinate stand on the use of contraceptives.
  • The rising number of teen pregnancies due to the modern-day promiscuous culture and the lack of proper sex education.

Effects of high population growth rate

  • Environmental degradation due to overutilization of resources.
  • Increased unemployment rates.
  • Poor economic growth.
  • Food crisis and world hunger.

How the high population growth can be contained

The fast population growth can be regulated in a variety of ways

  • Universal programs to help provide family planning methods to everyone.
  • Government legislation that limit the number of children a couple can have.
  • Proper sex education to the promotion of safe sex among the youth to prevent pregnancies.

  • The growing antagonism between The West and the East

Another research area you can explore is the increased tensions between the West and the East. Russia has for some time, since the ascent of President Putin, been a cause for concern on the global political platform. These tensions have been further fueled by the country’s aggressive behavior toward other nations.

Reasons for poor relations between Russia and the West

Several factors can be attributed to the souring relations between Russia and its developed counterparts.

  • The annexation of Crimea, that is part of modern-day Ukraine.
  • Economic sanctions placed on Russia as a result of the annexation of Crimea.
  • The suspected involvement of Russia in the 2016 American presidential elections.
  • The limited democratic rights given to the Russian people have also caused concern to the other nations.

However, due to aggressive economic policies, Russia has been able to rise out of the recession that followed the imposition of sanctions and has made trade partners out of neutral and non-allies of the US, further increasing tensions. This is a vast area of untapped research that you can explore and write on.

  • Climate Change

One of the most ignored issues in the world and especially in the 21st century, climate change remains a glaring monster that watches from a distance and seeks to devour the world in a series of natural catastrophes. Climate change is evident from the rising water levels, to the melting of ancient glaciers and ice shelves and the ever-rising global temperatures. Topics you can explore in climate change include the causes, the effects of climate change and how it can be reduced.

Causes of Climate Change

Climate change can be attributed to several factors including but not limited to;

  • The release of greenhouse gases as a result of increased industrialization have weakened the ozone layer, trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere and allowing more sun’s heat to enter the atmosphere causing what is known as the Greenhouse Effect.
  • Increased deforestation and a decreased forest cover have resulted in an increase in carbon dioxide in the air, a very major contributor to the greenhouse effect.
  • Increased use of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum products has also increased carbon emissions by a large factor.

Effects of Rapid climate change

Increased climate change can be seen in form of;

  • Rising global temperatures that could lead to the extinction of some species.
  • Change in season periods and patterns.
  • Periods of excessive rain (El Nino) or shine (La Nina).
  • Droughts and desertification.
  • Stronger and more intense hurricanes.
  • Rising sea levels due to melting ice.

Reducing the rate of Climate Change

All is not lost. Rapid climate change can be reduced by;

  • Increasing the tree cover on the planet by collective effort.
  • Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and embracing more renewable sources of energy.
  • Embracing a minimalist approach to product consumption.
  • Minimizing and avoiding deforestation.

  • The Fast growth of China’s economy and the threat it poses.

This is an essay in which you can explore the commendable growth of China’s economy, what has influenced the growth, effects of the growth on the Chinese people and the problems that it poses to the economic community. We have compiled some points you can use in any of the above areas.

Causes of China’s Rapid Economic Growth

China’s economy is currently the world’s largest economy. This has been attributed to a variety of factors.

  • China’s biggest and most important companies are government-owned and receive massive funding from the government as a result.
  • The Chinese foreign policy is friendly to overseas investors provided they employ Chinese people and use Chinese technology.
  • The diligence of China’s central bank in maintaining a constant dollar-yuan exchange rate in order to ensure Chinese products are cheaper.
  • Massive borrowing has also ensured that the Chinese government does not lack funds to develop its industries and infrastructure.

Effects of the Chinese Economic Growth

The rapid economic growth of the Chinese economy has had a couple of positive and negative impacts;

  • Increased employment for the Chinese people due to industrialization.
  • More revenue for the government from foreign investment.
  • Reduced poverty among the people.
  • Increased pollution due to massive industrialization.
  • Huge foreign debt.

Threats posed by the Chinese economic growth

The rapid growth poses several threats to the world market;

  • The huge foreign debt owed by China could cause an economic meltdown should China fail to maintains its huge GDP.
  • Over-reliance on China, especially for its cheap good places massive world power in the hands of one nation.

  • Depression and why it is on the rise

All medical research satisfactorily proves that depression and mental health issues are on the rise. However, we can heave a sigh of relief due to the absence of previous data to compare it to as there was previously no more conclusive research on depression in the past. However, in comparison with the last few years, the fact still remains that depression is on the rise. Avenues you can approach the topic with include the causes of depression, the number of people affected and how it can be detected and if possible, treated.

Causes of depression

It is difficult to point at a specific cause of depression. Personal experience is a major factor in determining the risk of one getting depressed and as is common knowledge, personal factors vary a lot.

However, it is commonly accepted that trauma, abuse and profound loss such as of a parent or a loved one can greatly increase the risk of someone getting depressed.

The number of those affected by depression

The number of those at risk of getting depressed and those already affected can be established through several research studies. The number is estimated at about 4% of the world population.  

Treatment of Depression

Treatment of depression can be done in several methods such as;

  • Professional counselling services by a qualified psychiatrist.
  • Sharing with other depressed people in group therapy.
  • Taking drugs such as antidepressants.

  • The pharmaceutical industry

On its face value, this might not look like such a good research topic but there indeed is a lot that can be researched on the pharmaceutical industry. Some major areas you can research on is the methods used to test the drugs, the tricks used to bypass the long testing periods imposed by the FDA and the insane profits that the manufacturers make due to the huge prices asked for the drugs.

Reasons for High drug prices

A variety of reasons influence the prices of drugs. These are such as;

  • Monopoly in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Federal laws and regulations such as patent exclusivity for the invention of a drug that allows a manufacturer to exclusively produce a drug for a period of years.
  • Lack of government legislation to regulate drug prices.

  • Increase Cybercrimes

The past few years have witnessed increased incidents of cybercrimes and data breaches of increasing magnitude with each passing year. Unemployed Professors have identified various noteworthy aspects of this topic, such as recent major cyber-attacks and how we can protect ourselves against these attacks.

Major recent Cyber-attacks

According to Kaspersky Labs, about 758 million attacks happened in 2016 alone. This is an average of an attack every 40 seconds. Some major attacks of the past few years include;

  • WannaCry encryption attack – This was a ransomware attack (software that encrypts all your information and demands a ransom to restore it) that crippled numerous companies.
  • Yahoo attack – a cyber attack that led to the loss of personal information of about 500 million accounts.
  • Marriott Hotel attack – about 500 million customer information was compromised.

The list of attacks is endless and this year, we can only expect more devastating attacks.

Protecting ourselves against cyber attacks

We can protect ourselves from cyber-attacks by;

  • Running the latest antivirus and firewall software on our computers.
  • Running anti-ransomware software to prevent ransomware attacks.
  • Not opening suspicious links and files.

  • Sexual discrimination and Harassment in the workplace

Even though sexual harassment in the workplace has been going on for some time, it is only just recently that cases of sexual harassment have started coming out in the open. This is especially after the #MeToo movement that took the world by storm in early 2017. The effects are being felt to date. This topic can explore the cases of sexual harassment, how the government and other people are dealing with it and how cases of harassment can be reported to the appropriate authorities. Moreover, you can also include the staggering statistics to support the cases of harassment in the recent past and the past year in particular.

  • Brexit

Brexit might seem in the distant past now, but it remains a very viable topic you can write on. The Brexit was a referendum vote cast in 2016 to decide whether the UK should leave the European Union. A meager majority won the referendum with a 51.9%. However, UK is yet to leave the European Union. Your paper can highlight the recent events in the Brexit saga and the reasons why the UK is still adamant on leaving the EU.

Reasons why the UK hasn’t left EU yet

Despite constant reassurance from UK prime minister, Theresa May, that Brexit means Brexit, the country is yet to part with the EU. Several reasons could be responsible for this;

  • Article 50 of the EU treaty dictates the steps that should be taken before a member state can leave. The UK is still tying up these strings in order to properly leave the EU.
  • All 27 member countries of the EU are yet to agree to the deal that the UK strikes with the EU.
  • It takes a lot of time to sever the economic and political ties with other nations that were made possible by the EU.

  • Is a Mars colony a possibility?

With the landing of the NASA’s latest Mars rover in the Insight Mission, and the constant reassurance of Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, of landing a man on Mars by 2022, there has been numerous speculation on the possibility of building a colony on Mars. This topic can be explored from any side, with Musk’s naïve optimism of a colony on Mars and NASA’s pessimism on the same issue. Several arguments have been raised on the wisdom of a human mission on Mars.

  • The humans would bring microbes from earth and thus possibly, contaminate the vulnerable ecosystem of Mars.
  • It would be a dangerous and expensive venture to put man on Mars.
  • Mar’s ecosystem should be left untouched and Mars left to Martians, even though they are just microbes.

Several other arguments and directions can be taken on this issue, leaving you with a lot of options to choose from.