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Tips For Preparing For Your DMV Driving Test In California

As you get ready to take (and hopefully pass) your DMV driving test in California, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re feeling very nervous.

But in all honesty, passing your driving test is probably not going to be as difficult as you may be envisioning it to be, and passing it is really only going to require a little bit of preparation on your part.

Here are the top tips for preparing for your DMV driving test in California:


If there’s anything that you need to fundamentally do to pass your DMV driving test, it’s that you need to actually commit to passing. This is what will set you up for your success.

What does this mean in a nutshell?

It means that you need to fully commit to studying and practicing. It means that you need to study your DMV driver’s handbook. It means that you need to practice driving with your parent or legal guardian. It means you need to carefully observe how other people drive to. Help. You learn even more.

Committing yourself to passing your test is also ultimately the number one thing you can do to help relieve any stress and anxiety you may be feeling as well, because not practicing is only to aggravate it.

Practice The Driving Tests

The old saying goes that practice makes perfect, and that most certainly applies to driving tests. Make it a rule that you will practice daily (yes daily) with your parent and. Receive feedback from them.

The best place to practice driving for your test will be in a large and empty parking lot. The specific maneuvers and skills that you will want to practice driving as well include:

–    Staying at or under the speed limit

–    Parallel parking

–    Coming to a careful and complete stop

–    Lane changes

–    Making it a habit to use your turn signal each time you turn the wheel (other than a curve in the road or street)

–    Defensive driving (following at a safe distance)

–    Keeping both hands on the steering wheel

–    Being observant and checking your mirrors and blind spots regularly

–    Accelerating carefully

Your driving test administrator is going to be carefully watching (and grading you) on each of the above factors, so keep them in mind as you practice.

Understand The Rules

There’s a reason why you really do need to study the rules in the California DMV handbook like we mentioned previously: you actually need to know what the laws are for driving on the road.

You don’t just need to know this for your safety and for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. You also need to know them because your driving test administrator is going to ask you questions, and furthermore, without knowing the laws you’re not going to score very well on your written test.

But you don’t just need to memorize the laws. You also need to strive to truly understand them, because you can then utilize them much more successful when you are behind the wheel. If anything, the laws of driving on the road will need to become second nature.

Don’t Try To Get Rid Your Anxiety

Yes, you read that right. Passing your driver’s test and getting your license is a major, life changing event. This means that no matter what you do to try and lower your anxiety, you’re still naturally going to feel anxious anyway, and that’s perfectly fine too.

So long as you get enough practice in and strive to actually understand the laws like we discussed previously, you will naturally exude confidence, and not only to the test administrator but to yourself as well. As a result, your chances of passing the test will be much higher as well.

Preparing For Your DMV Driving Test In California

As stated in the introduction, passing your driving test in California is only going to require you to prepare carefully beforehand, and now, you know exactly how to.

For some final tips, remember to get a good night’s sleep before the test, have a good breakfast, be fully hydrated, and spend each day before the test carefully reviewing the materials in the DMV handbook and practicing more and more to improve yourself.  That’s really all there is to it, and like we covered in the introduction, passing your test is probably not going to be as difficult as you may think it is.


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