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The Verified Benefits of Piano Lessons for Children

Piano lessons have significant benefits to children. This is right because young children are in the process of developing their senses. Therefore, piano playing helps to enhance hand-eye coordination as well as concentration and focus. As children learn, they get more skills that make them feel that they can succeed in putting in the effort. As such, children’s piano lessons are associated with a sense of accomplishment as well as excellence in other areas such as education.

The Effect of Piano Lessons on Growth and IQ

A research was carried out to monitor the implications of piano lessons for kids and its impact on the minds learning the process. The report indicated that learning and playing piano stimulated the neurological growth. In February 1997, Dr. Frances Rauscher, a psychologist in partnership with Dr. Gordon Shaw, conducted another study. The duo carried out a research of preschoolers and the effect of music education on learning.

The analysis of this study revealed an exciting conclusion. Children’s piano lessons proved much significant to promote the science and math scores at 30% average of the control groups. These statistics imply that the neural pathways are inspired to speed up the learning process when the child learns and plays the piano. As such, both arts and piano lessons for kids can positively influence both problems solving and learning abilities among preschoolers.

To sum up, the above information indicates that piano lessons are connected to many benefits that can be realized in the early life of a child. Perhaps you are in London and are planning to get a piano teacher for your child, do not hesitate. London Music Academy is a trusted provider of best piano lessons London. By offering your piano lessons for your child, you will allow them a head start in life.

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