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The Revolutionized Education for Indian Engineering Students for Improving Tech -Skills.

Substandard Engineering Education is now widely known in India. Most of the Engineering colleges in India cannot provide education to students with practical knowledge, which makes them unfit for Corporate Jobs. Though Indian Students have good Mathematical and critical thinking skills as compared to Russian and Chinese Students, still their overall high thinking skills are lower than Russian and Chinese this is due to low-quality practical knowledge. Indian Colleges focus on Theoretical knowledge, but it has no value until it cannot be applied practically. But now, more and more programs are coming forward to help engineering students get technical as well as skill-based learning and one such is E-Box. E-box will not only help students get great skills but also make them fit for the corporate jobs by offering onboard fresher’s training for Recruitments.

E-box is the online skilling platform that integrates program and courses for computer science engineering students to get skill-based learning with basic LSM. There are many integrated courses on the E-Box website http://e-box.co.in/ where interested learners can register and buy courses. There are various courses in Information Technology ranging from Foundational courses like C, C++ to future Learning courses like Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. You can get almost all IT and CS engineering courses here, to enrich your Tech Learning Experience. Courses like C, Python, Advanced Java, JavaScript, IoT-Internet of Things, Mastering Digital Circuit Design, Electronic circuits, Artificial Intelligence and many more are available in Practice Oriented Format.

Students need to identify their career goals and required skills, earlier, so that they can practice and develop skills for their job roles. However, Engineering Colleges, focus on Syllabus rather than promoting the skills required for IT Corporate. E-Box thus provide what students need, they help students achieve skills through training services for a variety of skill-based programs. Training in E-box is provided by experienced developers from the specialized field so that learners get immense knowledge about their course.

Customized Practice-Oriented Courses include Video lectures, Hands-On practice, Assessment, code analysis, Knowledge-based questions, live sessions and Lifetime access to the courses. Students can achieve good knowledge when are they are supported and mentored throughout their learning. E-box provides auto-evaluation and feedback of the learners to improve their performance as well as ask their doubts to 24 x 7 support forums and mentors.  E-Box platform is a fully-integrated program for Learners or students to get skills and technical knowledge of the courses, get your course to get skill-based learning on http://e-box.co.in/

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