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Childhood is the best time to begin learning another language, while the brain is still absorbing information at its most rapid rate. Children can become bilingual much more easily and naturally than adults, so it worth encouraging your child to develop his or her second language skills as early as possible.

While most children begin to learn some Spanish as a second language in school from an early age, the methods used are overwhelmingly grammar-based. After two or three semesters of Spanish classes, most parents find that their children are either unable to say anything, or feel too embarrassed to express themselves in Spanish.

The best option for improving your child’s Spanish learning is to set them up to take their Spanish classes with a live native-speaker online. This form of lesson puts your child in direct online communication with a professional Spanish tutor who can take what they already know and build on that foundation so that your child learns to communicate effectively in Spanish.

121Spanish is an online Spanish lessons for children school that has been working for over a decade with children from as young as 5 years old and upwards. We have teachers who specialize in working with our younger students and who are experts at pacing and varying the classes to keep them engaged and learning. In addition, we use a professional learning platform that allows teachers to share their screen, offer whiteboard and drawing tools, share videos, images and documents.

Classes are flexible and students can take classes on days and times that suit your schedule, and these can be changed quite easily. The great advantage, of course, is that you do not need to leave the house – no ferrying your child to class and waiting around to pick them up again!

121Spanish offers a free trial class so you can try it out with your child. Then you can purchase more credits and book classes when it suits you. Your child can be one of the hundreds that have studied with us and improved their Spanish skills over the past decade and more.

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