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Preliminary Test Of Book –  Editor

Every time when a writer writes his thoughts in the form of a book or an article the main part is editing.

The editing is the main part before the book is published because it is the type of makeup we are providing. We need editing because while writing a book a writer doesn’t bother about the small mistakes. Those small mistakes matter a lot. The main work of editing is done by a person namely called a book editor. Book editor is a person who takes care of the editing of a book which includes grammatical mistakes, verbs, and paragraphs. Sometimes the book is that much vast that it cannot be edited by a single book editor, so to do this work the main editor elects an editorial board. The editorial board is nothing but a group of people who helps the book editor to do his work. The editorial board also suggests patterns and photographs of any.

Working Of Editorial Board

The editor or its editorial board works in a very systematic way. First of all, a book which is written by the writer is printed in the way of sample. There may be 10 or 20 samples so that the editorial board May work faster. After that those sample books are given to the editorial board. The editorial board is 10 starts reading the book and take the flaws out of it. The mistakes of the books then noted down and informed to the writer so that he may make the corrections and then get the books printed by the publisher for sale. In the other way, the book editor is hired by the writer. By hiring the book editor, the writer can make his stuff more accurate and easy to understand.

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