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Playground Safety: 11 Best Practices To Remember

A playground is a great place for kids to meet other kids their age and to release all their pent up energy inside. It is also a good way for parents and guardians to meet other adults to form bonds over their experiences in childcare. Watching the children run, play, and enjoy the playground equipment can bring a smile to anyone’s face, that is until an accident happens.

Playgrounds can be very dangerous if you don’t pay close enough attention to the area. Here are some important playground safety tips to remember to ensure your children are safe from harm:

1 – Check Playground Surfaces

Falls account for up to 80% of all accidents in playgrounds. Ensure that the ground has the proper playground safety surfacing such as rubber mats, loose-fill rubber mulch, or a deep layer of wood chips.

2 – Watch For Slippery Surfaces

Another playground safety surfacing precaution is to check for potential slippery area. If the material used for the surface of the playground is not spill-proof, it is time to look for a new playground.

3 – The Use Zone

Inspect that each equipment has adequate room in case a child falls. The minimum use zone should be at least 6 feet in every direction.

4 – Entrapment Hazards

All playground equipment should be big enough that no child can get trapped inside them.

5 – Swings In A Different Area

The playground swings should be set in an area that is separate from the rest of the playground to ensure everyone’s safety.

6 – Check For Trip Hazards

Large rocks and protruding tree stumps and roots should be removed from the area to prevent tripping and injury.

7 – Routine Maintenance

A playground that is not well-maintained is not safe. If there are any signs of wear and tear that have not been addressed for a prolonged period of time, do not use the playground.

8 – Edges

Look for sharp and dangerous edges on the equipment. When there are sharp edges, warn other parents about it.

9 – Away From The Open Road

A playground should be located in a safe space that is away from the open road. Children tend to wander and you do not want them to walk directly into danger.

10 – Unsafe Equipment

Monkey bars and jungle gyms are very dangerous and cause a lot of accidents on the playground. It is for everyone’s safety to remove equipment like these as soon as possible.

11 – Parental Supervision

The best way to keep children safe, no matter how great the playground setup maybe is to keep a close eye on them. Smaller children should be assisted when playing to avoid accidents.

Stranger Danger

Playground safety should be a concern of every parent and guardian in the community. Always be wary of strangers in the area and remind children to stay where they can be seen by an adult they know. Children can easily get distracted and drawn away, be sure to never let them leave your sight!

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