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Online schooling and its procedure

In today’s era, there are many new technologies which are introduced Among Us. In previous times when there were no computers and internet the online schooling was just a dream for the people but as the human nature, they made their dream come true.

Due to an increase in success of Computer Sciences the new services like online schooling has been introduced. The technology is much ahead and there are a lot of highschool online. The online High Schools are the schools which work with the help of the internet and provide knowledge to it’s students by videos and notes of lectures. Schooling online is a fun in itself, and also it’s very much time-saving. But as explained there are both advantages and disadvantages of online schooling. The online schools work by compiling the classes in a very symmetrical manner and providing knowledge.


The advantages of online schooling are and listed below:

  • Online schooling is a good option for people who are interested in distance learning.
  • The online schools provide knowledge in form of video lectures which can be repeated and can be played many times if not understood.
  • The way people teach in online schools is a very different way and it works in a very good manner.
  • Online schooling also increases the computer knowledge of the child.

Disadvantages of online schooling

  1. When a student studies from online School the exposure of the real school is not been experienced by him.
  2. The people who are not able to give the computer to their child dislikes online high schools.
  3. Excessive use of computers in terms of hours can be dangerous for the child.
  4. The fees of online High Schools is very much that some people cannot afford it.

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