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What do you want to achieve with your training? Do you do other sports?These are two classic questions every trainer should ask you before recommending/putting together a program for you. While the issue of other sports is answered quickly, the first question is more difficult than you might think. Answers such as “I want to get fitter” or “I want to do something for my health” are excellent, but they will not get you anywhere. What you need are concrete goals, realistic and honest!

Think about: What do you want to achieve, how much of it and at what time?

When it comes to judging what’s realistic, the coach of your confidence can quickly help you. However, he can only work with the goals you give him. Don’t get me wrong! Nobody purposely sets false targets, but sometimes you are not so aware of what you want.

The key question is:

Do You Want to Be an Athlete or Look Like an Athlete?

This is the most crucial question when it comes to creating a meaningful workout plan according to your goals. Are you wondering if you are doing strength training to become a better athlete or are you more interested in looking like one?

I Want to look like an Athlete

The latter is much more comfortable since it is essentially bodybuilding. A wrong word, it’s about proletarians with unsuitable eating habits and prohibited substances.

But: it’s not that bad, on the contrary! Bodybuilding is a sport that requires the athlete, above a certain level, highest discipline and purposefulness. Many are even very nice, and I am firmly convinced that doping is not a bigger issue than in other sports too, but back to the topic— It’s simple with perfect training plans for muscle growth, optimal volume, and targeted nutrition, you can progress quickly!

It doesn’t require any complicated exercises or a unique training plan, and it is more about a lot of basic exercises with the appropriate volume, 2 to 3 training sessions per week are enough for you!

Up to a point, muscle mass will also benefit from your sport. If it gets too much for you, reduce the volume and increase the intensity. But don’t worry, it will not happen overnight!

I Want to Be a Better Athlete

It’s getting more interesting now! To clarify some crucial questions, you should sit down with the coach of your confidence! Some online schools offering high school diploma online have courses tailored for athletes; you can enroll in one.

  • Which sport do you practice and at what level?
  • What do limited skills your sport generally need?
  • What position do you play (Often, depending on the situation, different conditional abilities are essential)?
  • In which cycle do competitions take place (weekly, monthly or even once a year)?

Now that you know what you need to become a better athlete, it’s about adjusting your training to the appropriate parameters.

But beware: you may not like it that much. Sometimes such training sessions are relatively boring. You aren’t allowed to do specific exercises anymore.

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