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New Focus On Customer Service For Premier Student Loan Center

After over five years of taking on new clients, Premier Student Loan Center has announced that they have officially shifted their focus effective immediately. Instead of taking on new clients, the company will be focusing on providing the best customer service for all existing clients.

The success of the company has really taking a toll on the overall growth of Premier Student Loan Center. A small business when it first started out, those behind the company felt that they wanted to stay with a smaller staff. As more and more clients were brought on, the staff was getting stretched to the point that they were not able to properly help those already with the company.

The decision was a difficult one for the company, because they have received such great feedback from everyone that has used the company up to this point. The Premier Student Loan Center loan forgiveness program in particular was very popular for people who were having some struggles. Student loans have turned into a very big issue in the United States, and they were constantly getting referrals from other people around the country.

While the focus at Premier Student Loan Center was always on those just getting out of school, the company also provided some other financial assistance for people. Financial education in general was very much stressed by the company, allowing their clients to become financially independent once loans were paid off.

This service was very valuable for people who really did not know what else to do after getting loans paid off. Much like how student loans can add up, credit card debt and other issues can also add up in a hurry. People were trying to do whatever possible to avoid falling into these financial pitfalls.

In the future, Premier Student Loan Center hopes that they can continue to provide assistance for those people who need tips on finances in general. This is going to be a separate type of assistance, and a resource center for those who don’t really have an idea on how to take care of money once it starts coming in from working a regular job after going to college.

At this time, the company has no plans on reopening there enrollment option for new clients. They have not completely closed the door, but it will be interesting to see how things develop in the future. They still stand by their core values of making sure that people get exactly what they want out of customer service, so unless they ultimately decide to make new hires to help out with the workload, the company will likely not reopen their doors for newcomers.

The Premier Student Loan Center address is still located in Irvine, California. Customers are encouraged to reach out to them online or over the phone for individual assistance when needed. Most correspondence is done via email, but individuals always have the opportunity to contact them at their offices as well if they are locally in the area.

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