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NABCEP Entry Level Course: Why Is It Important?

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a volunteer board composed of representatives from the wind, hydro and solar industries. For those looking to be successful in the renewable energy industry, you need to be certified by them. This is why it’s important to enroll for the NABCEP entry level course. People are more interested in working with certified professionals. Taking and completing a NABCEP entry level course boosts not only your portfolio but also guarantees job and financial security.

Success with renewable energy technologies depends largely on having a highly experienced workforce to implement the plan. This will cover the design phases as well as sales. To really stay ahead of the competition in the industry, you will need NABCEP certification. Good thing there are lots of various discipline within the renewable energy industry. The career opportunities are endless just like the energy sources itself. So taking a course in this field will give you an edge over the competition and maximize your potential earnings.

Let’s take the solar energy field as an example. In order to become a professional in the field, you attended a reputable solar school and had to go through months of rigorous solar installation training. As luck would have it, you passed your exams with flying colors. Now it’s time to secure a job. You’ve gone for several interviews only to find that the human resource manager you’re interviewing with is looking for board certification. They believe that those with a certification know what they are doing.

No doubt, going to a solar school is a great idea but how will you handle the pressure that comes with the job? In this case, the NABCEP entry level course comes in handy. You know exactly how to handle situations, especially when faced with the crisis. NABCEP entry-level course is designed to be practical and in most cases reflect real-life situations.

Preparing for NABCEP Exam

One of the first things to do before taking this exam is to enroll in a NABCEP entry level course. If you pick interest in PV technology, you should go for the courses that will teach you about system components, site analysis, mounting solutions and much more. Plus, you need to learn about grid-direct and battery-based systems. If you do not know these areas, passing the exam might be difficult. This knowledge also comes in handy when you are faced with practical situations.

In recent years, the renewable energy industry has been experiencing tremendous growth when compared to any other field. As oil prices keep rising, many businesses and countries are now looking for alternative sources of energy. This had led to an increase in the demand for qualified technicians and workers in the renewable energy industry.

Going to a solar school is only the beginning for a career in this field. Getting certified is a ticket to financial and job security. So look for a school that offers NAPCEP entry-level course as well as solar installation training.