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Learn About Medical Education in Italy: Medical Practitioner and Masters in Medicine

Young children before choosing the medical practitioner career, play with their doctor set and friends. Isn’t it? They are so passionate at helping others. Gradually they start learning about medical related topics in their school levels. Then after passing high school, they prepare for IMAT, i.e. International Medical Admission Test and apply for any medical school.

There are so many aspects to Learn about medical education before selecting the preferred country, university and subject of specialization. It is a proven fact that Italy has been a pioneer in holding the oldest and the most illustrious universities in the world.

Medical Education:

This consists of both the initial training to be a medical practitioner as well as the additional training henceforth.

Study in Italy for the following prominent reasons:

  • International Medical Education at subsidized tuition fee: For Europeans and non-Europeans, achieving Western-European level medical education is accessible even on subsidized fees.
  • Living Costs: The living cost is manageable, as there are scholarships, grants, student loans and job opportunities for foreign students.
  • Admissions: Just one exam in English, i.e. IMAT is to be taken anywhere in 20 cities of the world. Thereafter no interviews, GPA score, recommendation letters, etc are required. You come to Italy only after you are selected in any university.
  • Teachings are in the English Language: All lectures, medical books, and professor notes are in English. They also train you in Italian language to assist in your daily conversation with locals.
  • Universities are Most Prestigious: With more than 500+ years of experience in teaching medicine, the Italian Universities are offering English medical degree that to on a Western-European Level.
  • International Exchange Programs for Students: You get a chance to study one semester in another university in Europe.
  • Italian Culture: Now when you are for 6 years in Italy you will definitely get loads of opportunities to get accustomed to its food, landscape, historic sites, customs, and locals. Find the Italian legacy for yourself during the medical study in Italy.
  • European M.D. degree: This degree is an opening to specialize and practice anywhere in Europe including the UK. In USA for USMLE exam, this degree is recognized.
  • Non-Europeans get Reserved Spots: The extra places are reserved for them for making their chances brighter.
  • Accommodation: Some universities do have dormitories, but students can arrange accommodation of their own on sharing basis. This might prove to be a little heavy on their pockets. Hence, students join any part-time job such as – in the malls, restaurants, petrol pumps, grocery stores, amusement parks, showrooms, etc.

You can be rest assured that medical study in Italy is not only academically the best opportunity, but also clinically working with the most ingenious professors.

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