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Is High School Online Right for Your Child?

Does your teen have trouble fitting in or staying on track in a traditional school? Does your family travel or pursue other activities that don’t mesh well with the typical high school schedule? If so, an accredited high school online might be the right choice for your family. Consider the many benefits of attending high school online.

Self-Paced Learning

Students at JMHS can take as much or as little time as they need to successfully complete each course. If they grasp the material quickly, they can expedite their studies, whereas in a typical school they would have to wait for everyone else to catch up. On the other hand, those who struggle in a particular area or face learning challenges can spend extra time on a class without worrying about lagging behind their peers or losing ground in other subjects to concentrate on one.

A Vibrant School Community

Our accredited high school online may be a welcome respite for children who are being bullied or just can’t seem to find their place in a conventional high school. Although your child will be studying from behind a screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean learning in isolation. Through social media, blogs and more, our students can connect with like-minded peers who can provide camaraderie and encouragement. By interacting with classmates, students are introduced to different perspectives and backgrounds, allowing them to be more well-rounded. They can also communicate with certified teachers and advisors whenever they have questions or concerns.

Time to Pursue Outside Interests

Attending a virtual high school is also beneficial if your child is involved in outside activities that take a considerable amount of time. Perhaps your child is training for the Olympics, taking improv lessons or spearheading a major community service project. Rather than try to work around a traditional class schedule, your teen can devote plenty of time to those activities and hit the books “after hours.”

Resources That Accommodate Your Needs

At JMHS, classes don’t have established start times, and no group work is required. Everything students need to succeed– course materials, academic support, and career guidance– is available online, so they can study anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. This can be especially helpful for families who travel regularly or have children with health problems or other special needs that cause frequent absences from school.

If attending high school online is the right choice for your child, contact us for additional info or enroll today.

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