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Ink Cartridges: Why Are You Paying A Lot More But Getting A Lot Less

The branded printer companies are busy squeezing amounts from the pockets of poor consumers.

A cartridge seller is heard saying day in and out consumers have one common complaint, “why branded in cartridges, like PGI 250cartridges, runs out of ink too quickly.” It is not only with Canon; this is with every OEM cartridge present in the market.

The price of OEM ink cartridges is very high and going higher each year. One fact that readers mightn’t know is that the number of inks in average OEM cartridge is also shrinking.

If you can open ink cartridge of HP, you will see that the sponges inside that hold the ink has reduced, and it is reducing over the years, leaving the rest of the area empty. In Epson, you will find the ink is reducing systematically in size.

What big manufacturers does is that they reduce inks of a cartridge, chip technology is encrypted, and discourage refills or compatible cartridges through their aggressive marketing policies. So, they are looting money from their poor consumers and sell their OEM cartridges at an ever-increasing price.

Moreover, XL cartridges are an insult to the consumers. Canon PGI 250XL, HP XL, Epson XL, etc. they sell XL for more money, and the cartridges are half-full. Therefore, with zero manufacturing cost, they are making more profit.

The OEM companies argue that up-front cost of the printer or the cartridge, cost per page, or milliliters of ink doesn’t measure the cost of printing. They also argue that their print heads are changed and are more efficient compared to 10 years ago, this is because of the advancement the technology has made. Nowadays, printers can make more pages than they used to make with an equivalent amount of ink.

Amongst all of the companies Canon though has least ink reduction in their cartridges, but volumes of ink have still shrunk.

As per the critics, it is true that there has been an advancement in the technology and the efficiency of print heads has increased, but that doesn’t justify the five-fold decrease in the cartridge ink. Making of a cartridge ink takes about a few dollars. It is the lower price printer ink ever had. So, manufacturers are making a huge amount from their poor consumers.

Lastly, the OEMs went one step further. Now new printers are available with start-up cartridges. These cartridges contain a tiny amount of ink, and therefore the owner needs to buy a new cartridge almost immediately.

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