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The world today, the demands of jobs are evolving. Practicing and learning with machinery, and the internet and cloud computing is altering how society views employment and the tasks that are currently performed by individuals. In some years to come, there will be a loss of over four to five million jobs to automation. This means that Five Future Jobs will look vastly different by the time you graduate from the university.

Here are the five major or best future jobs or careers in the medical health platform to go into:


Many people today fancy new flavor and dining experiences, therefore, the food and drink industries will experience massive growth as time goes on. Today, Chefs, Bartenders, and Baristas are seen as the most in-demand skills for future employment with innovation, resilience and management skills. The hospitality industry sector, which includes all businesses, provides food, beverages, and other accommodation services. So if you want to get prepared or go into a profession that cannot be overthrown by robotics and automatically, then hospitality and catering is a highly suggested one.


Many people around the world today spend years on medical waiting lists praying that they will be contacted for the next kidney or even heart available. Sooner or later they get tired of waiting, and they tend to look further in search of the deep, dark world of the organ black market, where they can buy whatever they need for a price. The organ black market business fuels some of the wrongs and criminalities of today’s world. With advancement in learning and new creative ideas, organ/body part creating has become a highly sort for service most especially because not many people/companies or businesses offer this service.


Healthcare is a significant subject of discussion since there are several areas dentistry, surgery, psychology, midwifery, nursing and more. The human body is prone to ailments regularly, primarily due to the circumstances surrounding our daily activities; where we live, the food we eat, the water we drink, work stress. Any of these can cause the body system to break down, and this calls for the need of health care professionals, so no matter the trend and change in job opportunities, healthcare provision is a service that will still stand. And the fact remains that health care cannot be provided by machines, because it requires a free-thinking mind and not something that is programmed. One great thing, health care professionals offer is the sense of feel that enables them to understand a patient’s condition to best get them to good health, and this is something a machine can never offer.


For students studying in several feeds of medicine, having a medical professional who is wise and trusted to guide them through as they learn can prove to be the best form of education in their field. The teaching of a medical mentor goes a long way to educate students on experiences and real-life scenarios, for them to have a proper understanding of a subject and how to best attend to several cases in their professional career.


According to the World health organization (WHO), Telemedicine is strictly the use of telecommunication to diagnose and offer treatment to patients without having any physical contact. This might be new to some people, but it does exist. This allows medical practitioners to comment to their patients who are not in their geographical region so they can offer treatment at any point in time. Just the mere thought of it is incredible. Imagine you don’t have to travel far to get some treatments, this is medicine made easy. Telemedicine doctors provide clinical services like; remote patient monitoring, medical diagnosis. The demand for telemedicine doctors is growing vastly as they have made it possible for their patients to get their expert medical care service across a computer or cellphone.

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The above-described jobs are the services in the medical field that are considered the 5 future jobs that most likely with never be overrun by technology.