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Easy and Fun Ways to Learn Multiplication

Multiplication has been deemed as an essential skill required for the child. It could be used almost daily in their routine life. It would not be wrong to suggest that multiplication could be practiced in a number of fun ways. You could learn Times tables in an easy and fun manner.

Find below a few essential ideas about learning and practicing the multiplication facts. It would let the children have fun and keep them engaged in the best manner possible.

  • Picture Books

There have been some great picture books made available to explain multiplication. These books would also help you show how multiplication could be useful in routine life scenario. Learning Times tables would be made easier by making use of such books.

  • The Multiplication War

You could use a deck of cards. It would be essential that you take out the kings, queens, and jacks. These could also be used as numbers 11 to 13 if you wish. Next, you need to split the deck equally between two people. Every person would turn over a card simultaneously. The first person to say the product of the two numbers correctly would keep both the cards.

  • Rolling the Dice, Multiplying and Coloring

In case you could do anything with the dice would definitely be a hit. You could make use of a worksheet, let your children roll two dice, and find the product. The children would be required to color in the number of the page. The children would love using the dot marker. They could also make use of regular markers or crayons to have a fun-filled learning experience.

  • The Domino Game

The domino game has been deemed perfect for two to four players. The children would be required to turn a set of dominoes that have been placed facing down. The person having the highest number would keep all the turned dominoes. In case, there is a tie, the children would be required to draw again. The game could be played until all the dominoes would be drawn. The child having the most dominoes would emerge as the winner.

  • The Multiplication Memory Game

You could design a memory game by using a construction paper or index card. You would be required to cut small squares from the construction paper. You need to write factors on half of the cards and products on the other half cards. You would also have the option to do multiplication of one number of mixing them up for review. You need to turn two cards at a time and look forward to making the match.

The aforementioned games would prove fun-filled ways to learn multiplication and Times tables.

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