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A content marketing webinar is the most effective way of connecting with your audience member and target a large section of market. It is the most effective way of building healthy relationship with customers for building brand awareness. Content marketing webinar is also cost effective and it allows members from different places to connect and participate at the same time. A content marketing webinar allows its participants to interact in the session and discuss about the topic, and clear there doubts relating to the topic.

Planning a webinar – Success of a webinar depends upon the steps how it is planned. While planning a webinar we need to follow simple steps which help in effective out come.

  1. We need to know our audience and understand there expectation from webinar
  2. For planning a webinar an effective team plays a very important role. We need to assemble our team by assigning them different roles for webinar.
  3. We need to coordinate with our team and give them a clear picture of their roles and responsibilities; then start promoting your webinar as promotion is an important aspect of planning a webinar.
  4. As “Practice makes a man perfect” we need to practice again and again with our team and come  up with solving the issues which are faced while practicing.
  5. Once our final review is done we need to keep a backup for any emergency while webinar. Also start publishing our event and keep a follow up with the emails sent for webinar.

Best time for Webinars – As we know there is always a best time, when a task performed gives its best output; similarly best time for webinars is necessary for effective outcome. While planning a webinar, we must keep in mind the most effective and efficient time zone for our audience members.

According to researches it has been found that mid of week webinars have received best attendance. For that we need to promote and schedule our event a week before. Best time for webinars to conduct is on mid week (Wednesday or Thursday) and run between 1pm (IST) to 3pm(IST) timezone.

How to create a webinar – Creating the webinar and making it perfect is a mixture of several things which includes statics and numbers, analyzing feedback from live setting.

While creating a webinar there are some key steps we need to follow

  1. We need to choose a specific topic for targeting audience members.
  2. Selection of tools is an important aspect while creating a webinar as we need to understand how to reach our audience; tools can be audio only, audio with slides presentation.
  3. Team members with expertise hands are the core while creating a webinar.
  4. We need to promote our email list for event and do a regular follow up.
  5. Before the webinar, do a test run and ensure to keep a back up of recording.