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College Guide for Freshmen Without All the Hype


Congrats! It’s exciting to get admitted into college. It’s a pretty much different life out there in college than you experienced in high school. It’s a world full of challenges.

While you’re expected to be more responsible, you have all the freedom in the world. Balancing these two sides can be tricky for a high school graduate. Yes, it can.

Anyways, here are some helpful tips that’ll get you on a good path – particularly in your first year in college.

  1. College is College –Not High School. You’ve Never Been Here Before

You’re done with high school, but this is college. Do you think your achievement in high school still counts? No, they don’t. Your SAT scores, grades, being a class president – none of these matters anymore. It’s a clean slate now.

Well, it goes both ways though. 
If your high school grades fell short of good, the good news is, you just got a new start. Well, whatever applies to your situation – could be something different though – you’ve got a whole new opportunity to right the wrongs. Take advantage of your now, leave the past behind.

  1. Show Up

Any good-enough excuse for not attending a class session? None! Perhaps, except you’re down with a contagious illness.

As Woody Allen rightly said: 80% of success is showing up.
Showing up doesn’t just mean don’t be late.’ Be early and sit near the front of the class. Not in the back. It’s never a rocket science to figure out the best performing students in a class – They are always in front. While this goes with some exceptions, the chances are pretty high.

  1. Balance Your Schedules

You need a “No” in your arsenal. Sometimes, it may feel awkward but just say NO. It could be an invite for coffee or dinner or a trip to Target. Such time-zapping activities are harmful to, not just your school work, but also your fiancé.

We know it’s freshman year and there’s every temptation to build a friendship. But remember you have all the time in the world to bond better after you turn in your research paper?

Then, social media… 
Do you have an exam or essay to prep for? Of course, getting rid of your phone might not be workable, as you may need to browse for essay help online or get some other relevant resources.

So, why not have your friend to change your social media account password until you’re done? This is the best way to fight social media-induced distractions and procrastination and be inspired to do what needs to be done.

  1. Extracurricular

Get active on campus! Getting involved in different activities, volunteer opportunities, and clubs is a great way to get exposed to opportunities. However, it is more helpful to balance your campus activities with your academics.

So, check out organizations with a direct connection to academics – Particularly in your field of study. So if you would join any, choose one linked to your study area.

  1. Watch Your Budget

Be conscious of your budget – Always. Beware of credit card debt. These credit card companies target students. Your spending freedom and all the great promos you see around campus could tempt you to “sign up for a credit card and get a Frisbee or a free shirt.”

Learn to look away from such traps.’ The more credit cards you sign up for, the more temptation to spend more.

Also, give yourself an allowance-scheme and stick to it. If you’ve got excess funds at the end of a week, throw it in your savings. Be organized and be in charge of your spending.

Again, don’t be shy to take full advantage of your school’s free resources. Your school may offer free fitness facilities, free tutoring, and a lot more. They are provided for you. Use them.If you don’t have the time, try getting help from sites such as https://www.homeworknest.com/?

You should also take advantage of student discounts, buy used books – or borrow from friends who have taken the course(s). Avoid buying new books from the school’s bookshop as much as possible – they are usually overpriced. You could order your books from online stores like Amazon.

  1. You Think It’s Too Late? Maybe Not

It’s normal to think you’ve got enough time. You want to take things slowly, make friends, spend time hanging out, eat good meals, and explore new things. It’s a good thing.

But then, time could be tricky. You may suddenly realize how fast time has gone by when you have a lot on your To-Do list.

So, have set targets. Accomplish what needs to, within a specific time. And always remember: it’s never too late to start doing the right things.

  • It’s never too late to fix up your spending habit.

  • It’s never too late to get involved.

  • It’s never late to start showing up in classes – early.

  • Never late to Balance your schedule.

It’s never too late to become what you might have been – George Elliot. 
Go make your college experience blissful. Make it a remarkable one.

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