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Are legal English lessons right for me?

Legal English lessons are specifically designed to help non-native English speaking lawyers, law students or business professionals become fluent in legal English. These lessons are designed for students who have already gotten a good level of conversational or everyday English. Building upon techniques already learned in order to progress with discussing legal issues.

Legal English is a formalised form of the English language which entails a completely different register to mainstream conversational English. It commands and includes the use of different linguistic techniques and has unique terms not found or used in the mainstream. Covering the language used in the courtroom, giving advice is tacit to legal services and allows for easy identification of being the language of lawyers.

If you are studying to become a lawyer, or have an interest in the area these lessons could be the solution for you. Are you confident in discussing intellectual property, employment law or tort? According to TOLES, many leading law firms have expressed that “law graduates that hold a wide variety of English language certificates lacked the appropriate level of English required to complete legal tasks”.

What will I learn?

As the case with other English language courses, the focus will be driven towards improving your language skills in all areas; which includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar. As these lessons are centred on legal English, there will be the inclusion of lots of specialist terminology and legal jargon – so taking notes is strongly recommended. Guided through the course by an expert teacher, you’ll be closely working with a variety of legal English texts and real-life materials.

What areas of law are covered?

A lot of content will be covered over the course of the lessons, some specific focus areas include; banking, contract law, employment law, law of tort, business law and company law. The expert teachers will ensure that your individual requirements are met through the course of your lessons.

Is the TOLES Advanced exam right for me?

If you are looking to consolidate all of your legal English knowledge with an officially recognised qualification, this is the exam for you. The TOLES Advanced qualification is considered to be “the gold standard” of legal English achievements; this will prove to prospective employers that you are capable of performing legal tasks with the appropriate level of English.

What employment opportunities could come from this?

TOLES is recognised by many international firms, translation companies and in-house legal teams. Your personal professional experience and university degree will be the most important asset when it comes to securing that new job, but having a proven level of legal English is another feather in your cap. A TOLES qualification will help to set you apart from other candidates.

Learning with Legal English North Wales differs greatly from the standard English that most people are used to; writing in legal English is a hurdle that many can struggle with as the formation of legal correspondence can be difficult. Non-native English speakers in the law profession will need to adapt quickly to this new version of English – the unusual expressions, particular legal terms, a lack of punctuation and the frequent use of certain phrasal verbs.

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