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13 Tips On How You Can Encourage Kids To Read

If you’re a parent and a bookworm, you’d most likely want to pass the love you have for reading to your kids. You dream of buying them great child-friendly reads book stores have to offer. You wish to give them free ebooks where they can learn a lot of morals and life lessons.

But encouraging them to do so is actually more difficult than you think. Of course, you want to convince them as smoothly and as creatively as possible; you want to invite them to explore the world of literature without sounding too rigid.

Here are 13 tips on how to accomplish this goal:

Show them your passion for reading. Kids are keen observers, and they tend to mimic things they see adults around them do. If you want to share your love of reading, make sure you show it to them.

Make time for reading. Let reading be a great way to interact and spend time with your little loved ones. Set aside time and make them feel how enjoyable this activity is.

Create an enticing reading nook. Make reading look more adventurous by creating a nook that’s cozy and inviting.

Read them bedtime stories. Before they go to sleep, read stories to your kids and lightly share with them the important life lessons that the books convey.

Be creative when telling stories. Don’t forget to inject humor whenever you’re doing some story-telling. This will take away that common notion that reading is dull and boring.

Download free ebooks to your kids’ gadgets. Use modern technology to your advantage and trade addicting mobile games to child-friendly digital reads.

Invest in quality audiobooks. Listening to audio-guided books is counted as reading as well. Give them this another option as you try to teach the significance of reading books.

Subscribe to magazines. Let your kids gain different general knowledge. Subscribe to select magazines with pieces that your little ones can thoroughly enjoy and easily digest.

Ask them questions. Every now and then, converse with your kids about the books and other materials they’ve read. Ask them questions like what’s the best part of the story or what lesson have they learned from it.

Introduce them to your favorite writers. To help you get closer to your kids, try introducing them to your own favorite authors. This will widen their literary resources while giving you more topics of conversation in the future.

Expose them to a variety of reading activities. Reading isn’t just about flipping through pages (or scrolling down if they’re free ebooks). Let them develop their love for reading by letting them read other “materials” life food menu and road signs.

Give them the liberty to choose what they read. Once they’ve becoming indulged in the art of reading, allow them to choose the materials they want to read and explore. Just make sure that these reads are age-appropriate.

Use the power of reading when times are rough. To help them enjoy reading on a more personal level, turn to books when your kids or your family is going through a hard time.

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